Pakistani Actress Nargis Closes Beauty Salon in Johar Town

According to the latest news, Pakistani Stage actress and dancer Nargis has decided to close her newly opened beauty salon in Johar Town, Lahore. The parlor was started few month ago, when Nargis left showbiz industry and started to wear Hijab, but due to some internal problem the beauty parlor has been closed by the owner.

According to some other sources, it has been revealed that the Actress Nargis, who had taken oath to leave the showbiz, stage, dance and mujra is returning toward the showbiz industry again. But it may be a rumor about the actress, as she is getting the knowledge of Islam from the Maulana Tariq Jamil. She has not contacted anyone to return back to the showbiz industry of Pakistan. Her sister Deedar is still working in the dramas.

According to the media reports, Nargis faced a huge loss due to the closure of the beauty salon, as she had imported a lot of stuff from the foreign countries. She is also running a beauty parlor in Canada, where she spend her time. She had invested a big amount of money in the beauty parlors, and one of them has been closed in Johar Town due to some unknown reason.

actress Nargis in Hijab

Few month ago, she was roaming in the news for giving order of Juna Butt killing to a shooter. Her house was also attacked by some unknown person, who opened fire outside her home in Defence area. She is living in Defence, Lahore and doing a proper business of beauty salons. According to another media report, she is starting the beauty parlors in Moon Market, Allama Iqbal Town and some other areas of Lahore. She has been working in the Pakistani showbiz and film industry since long, and she is among the veteran actresses of Pakistan. She has now left the showbiz industry of Pakistan and started to wear Hijab / Scarf. She comes on the television in Hijab, and she doesn’t want to contact any person related to the showbiz, film and stage industry of Pakistan.

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