Pakistani Actress Laila refuses to work in Bollywood Movie

Famous, hot and bold Pakistani actress Laila refuses an offer from Indian director to work in Bollywood movie. She has rejected the offer and doesn’t want to avail this opportunity to become popular in Indian film industry. While giving an interview, Laila revealed that she loves Pakistan and can’t leave it even for a minute. Therefore she is not satisfied with Bollywood offers, which she is getting from different Indian producers and directors. She is happy with her career in Lollywood film industry and Pakistani stage.

Pakistani hot actress Laila also talked about her late mother. She got emotional while passing her comments upon her mother’s death. She said that her mother was everything for her, and she always remembers her mother before taking any step in her life. Laila added that she is feeling alone after the death of her beloved mother.

Actress Laila while commenting on recent Media projects revealed and make her fans surprised. She said that she has a lot of work in Lollywood film industry, therefore she has no compulsion for working in media. She is just utilizing her time in moral and good manners. Stage actress Laila also told that she is managing her time in keeping herself busy in the Television programs and stage Dramas and stage shows.

Laila rejects Bollywood offer

Pakistani film and stage actress Laila was previously involved in a scandal with a so called political personality in Pakistan. Laila said that Jahangir Badar sent her proposal to marry her son. Laila and Jahangir Badar both were roaming in the news headlines for a long time. Laila claimed that Jahangir Badar wants her to become his daughter-in-law by marrying his son. It may be a rumor or scandal, even not clarified. Recently the Lollywood actress Laila has done a beautiful hot photoshoot in red dress. She has worked in many Lollywood movies and Pakistani Mujra videos. She looks interested to start her political career in future.

Pakistani Actress Laila, who is famous due to her bold attitude and hot scenes in the Punjabi movies, was willing to join Pakistani politics, but she couldn’t join any political party in Pakistan. While talking on the political issues of Pakistan, she added that she has got many offers to join politics from Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, but she is not satisfied, as it is not the right time to join politics.

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