Mathira Khan’s vulgarity at its top at Indian TV Interview

The most scandalous and hot Pakistani model, Mathia Khan gave a bold interview to Indian TV channel, in which she talked about her hotness and reveal the truth why she is called the sex kitten of Pakistan. Mathira is a beautiful and hot model of Pakistan, who turned singer and then actress. She has done several controversial and vulgar acts previously. She is a famous Pakistani model due to her live call controversy on Vibe TV.

The Indian channel Day and Night News’ anchor was taking the interview of Mathira Khan, while she was in India for shooting of an item number song. She has turned item girl for a latest upcoming movie. Hence the immoral calls on different TV channels have raised the publicity of hot Mathira Khan. This time she is out of Pakistan and it must be well in her knowledge that she is representing the parent country. Hence she must not cross the limits.

Mathira Khan bold vulgar interview

The upcoming Mathira Khan’s movie ‘Young Malang’ is being shoot in India, in which she is playing a role of item girl. Mathira Khan goes more bold and vulgar in this interview, as she is saying that if a girl is beautiful then she must show her beauty to everyone. She also talked about her sexy figure due to which she has gained popularity in Pakistan and India. She also talked about few Hollywood actresses, who shows their figure to the public as they are beautiful.

The Immoral interview of Mathira Khan is roaming over the social media, where people are talking about vulgarity and immoral acts. Previously there was another controversy when Mathira Khan appeared in Mini Skirt on Pakistani TV Channel in Morning Show. She has also done some weird acts and hot photoshoots with different photographers. She also talked about the confidence as one of the main reason of her popularity. Have a look on the Mathira Khan’s interview video and also write your comments upon her immoral talk and vulgar acts on different TV channels.

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