Indian Actress Mamta Kulkarni accepts Islam as best religion

Former beautiful and sizzling Indian actress Mamta Kulkarni has accepted Islam as best religion. She converted to Islam recently and living with her husband ‘Vicky Goswami’, who has already converted to Islam. Few days ago Mamta Kulkarni got married on 10th May, 2013 and living in Nairobi, Kenya with her husband.

In this modern age, the non-Muslims are converting in Islam and considering it the best religion in this world. The Indian Bollywood Actress, who got fame due to her movie ‘Ghatak’ has converted to Islam. Mamta Kulkarni’s husband Vicky Goswami was arrested by the UAE police in 1997 in drug smuggling case. There was a big scandal of big scandal of Vicky Goswami in those days, when he was sentenced 25 years in jail, but released in November 2012. His conversion in Islam was the main reason of major reduction in his punishment.

Mamta Kulkarni got married with Goswami, when he was in jail. She was managing her husband’s hotel business outside during his punishment. She was in a relationship with Goswami, and their relation has converted to a long lasting relation, as the couple has got married.

Mamta Kulkarni converts to Islam

In 90’s Mamta Kulkarni was come up as a hot and bold actress of Indian film industry. Her bold and hot pictures were been published in several magazines and fashion tabloids. She worked in Bollywood Movies for almost 11 years, and after that she left the showbiz and Indian film industry i.e. Bollywood. She has rejected a lot of film offers from the several directors and producers. She has also received many offers from the dance programs and reality shows, but she has decided to keep herself out of this business.

The Newspapers, Electronic media and social media networks have not published the news of Mamta Kulkarni conversion into Islam. Indian media is also not reporting about the news that Mamta Kulkarni accepted Islam and got married with Vicky Goswami. But it is a good news not only for Indian Muslims but also for the Muslim world that a so called Indian celebrity has accepted Islam as the best religion in the world.

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