Girls Fighting in Waqar Zaka’s Living on the Edge

The program was running smoothly, when Girls started fighting in Waqar Zaka’s program Living on the Edge. After several controversies and scandals, another one has risen when Waqar was present on the incident, when girl slapped another girl. The program turned into fighting and quarrel, when girls were beating each other and Waqar Zaka was trying to make them calm down.

girls fighting on living on the edge

Girls fighting has taken place in the Living on the edge for the first time. Some daring and crazy girls comes into the auditions of this program, some of them do weird things to impress Waqar Zaka and some of them become a part of this program due to their good attitude. In the latest session of Living on the edge the girls started fight during the recording. You can see here a video, in which girls are fighting in front of Waqar Zaka in Living on the Edge.

Previously a girl said ‘I Love You’ to Waqar Zaka during the auditions of the program. Once a girl said ‘I Love You’ to the MQM Leader Altaf Hussain, and also added that she want to marry him. So many times it happened that Waqar Zaka Insulted girls after seeing their behavior and wrong attitude. Its a nice program, but has made a lot of scandals and controversies. So have a look on the new one, where girls are fighting in the live reality show or reality program i.e. Waqar Zaka’s Living on the Edge.

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